(un)Still Life exhibit at CCA explores commonality of human experience

Watercolor mixed with blood in the background of a cowboy portrait; seething muddy waves lifting up a dory on the Colorado River; a Navajo boy almost stumbling in the distraction of his cellphone.

These images are snapshots from a few of the paintings in “(un)Still Life,” an upcoming show at the Coconino Center for the Arts in which participating artists use the medium of paint as their common tool.

In a departure from the tradition of still life painting, there is nothing “still” about these lively works, as they are full of expression, color and light. 


The artists showing use their paint to convey very personal narratives about people and incidents. 

This is fitting, as the focus of the exhibition is to highlight imagery centering on the human figure and to explore the communality and energy of humanity at its core.

“(un)Still Life gives artists the opportunity to express humanity through the medium

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