Uttam Roy’s clay craft is hunt for realism

Different clay pieces created by Uttam Roy

Differentiating European styles from Indian sculptures, the artist notes the former is more ‘prone to perfection in realistic craft’

Taking shape from a mould, a work of art assumes various forms and figurines within an artisan’s finger folds. Soft yet resolute, supple yet retentive, smooth, bouncy and resilient in effect — clay-craft, terracotta art or the ‘poetry of pottery’ never fail to stupefy the connoisseurs with its chiselled beauty and carved out elegance.

Making clay a base for his aesthetic chase by choice, a low-profile artist from Bally in Howrah district of West Bengal aims to archive all his clay creations inside a ‘bust museum’ with a claim that it will be one of its kind in India. Middle-aged Uttam Roy is simple to a fault, but beyond that layer of meekness lies his level of dedication towards

Article source: http://www.asianage.com/arts/uttam-roy-s-clay-craft-hunt-realism-619

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