Vail International Gallery hosts exhibit by painter Ron Hicks

First you have to learn the rules; then you can break them.

It’s an adage Ron Hicks knows well. After attending the Columbus College of Art and Design on a scholarship and graduating from the Colorado Institute of Art, he found his own expression — outside of traditional viewpoints.

Not that he believes there’s anything wrong with academic training. In fact, he found it essential. But after working on photorealistic painting — trying to represent an apple almost like a photograph — he discovered there’s more to artistry than “transferring information.”

Now, he interprets information into an expressive idea or statement, which he creates on a canvas.

“I find that the more I’m burdened with the technical aspects of painting, the less I see,” Hicks said. “So before I lay my first brushstroke, I have to clear my mind so I can paint from the heart.”

Vail International Gallery in Vail is

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