Visage and reality in Raul Lebajo



Raul Lebajo looks back at the past and peers into the future in his latest one-man show of large-scale portrait paintings, “Friends” (at Galleria Duemila until May 20).

The series features a haunting progression of faces produced from 2010 to 2013: multidimensional and dreamlike images culled from the artist’s own recollections and personal reflections.

Art critics have continually described Lebajo’s distinctive style as a painter as being strongly influenced by Abstract Expressionism and Surrealism, since the start of his art practice in the 1960s.

Over the decades, Lebajo has unfailingly produced a large body of work ranging from large-scale still lifes, scapes and portraits, to smaller pen-and-ink drawings on paper.

Asked about his subjects for this show, the artist says the portraits are based on people he has encountered over the

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