Visual arts preview: A different view of the Gaza Strip


This is Our Land

Where: Latitude 53, 10242 106th St.

When: 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 10 through Feb. 15


EDMONTON – Survival may trump art, but for many, the two concepts are inseparable.

Consider Palestinian twin brother artists Tarzan and Arab, having their first solo show in North America at Latitude 53, starting Friday. This is Our Land is a mix of warm post-impressionistic paintings and politically striking film created in and inspired by life in Gaza. The two artists fled from there to Jordan, where they now live in exile following death threats back home.

The Gaza-City-born brothers made a name for themselves with posters for fake Hollywood action movies titled after Israeli military offensives. From this came a faux movie trailer for Colourful Journey, where the twins — playing unidentifiable soldiers — point working automatic rifles at each other. Remember, this was shot in Gaza, where such a performance might get you accidentally,

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