VISUAL VIEWPOINTS: Susan Tooke’s vivid landscapes; Klassen’s Caribbean …

Susan Tooke doesn’t see the hot colour in her paintings when she’s hiking. She feels it.

Tooke, an award-winning children’s illustrator and painter, exhibits her noisy, kinetic, patterned acrylic landscapes of Canadian woods in punches of red, blue, gold, mauve and green in Woodlands and Watersheds at Gallery Page and Strange, 1869 Granville St., Halifax.

All that colour “is a real expression of the joy you feel when you’re out in the natural world as opposed to cement and high-rises,” says the Halifax artist.

“I’ve become more and more aware of environmental issues. Getting out into places at risk, like the Backlands in (Purcells Cove), makes you appreciate what you have and fearful of losing it.”

Tooke’s paintings include an Emily Carr-like landscape of giant broken trunks from British Columbia, as well as a Cape Breton Highlands stream from the Acadian Trail, views across rock and water on the Bluff Wilderness Trail

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