Vivid abstraction displayed at Rana Raouda exhibition will hypnotize art lovers – Al

Imaging the region.

How does a painting mean? From portraiture to landscape, expressionism to impressionism, figuration and abstraction, there are many different visions of art as there are artists.

The work in “Thirty Years Walking with Light,” the exhibition now up at Gemmayzeh’s Art on 56th, provides an object lesson in how to mean. These 18 large and 24 smaller acrylic-on-canvas works represent the latest crop of work from Lebanese artist Rana Raouda. The 51-year-old artist is known for her abstract works, which have been exhibited in France, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates.

In many of these works, the titles are very important in guiding onlookers through the figurative aspects of the artist’s abstraction.

“Sinai” (130×130 cm), for instance, refers not to the geographical peninsula but the Biblical mountain where, as various

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