WALL OF FAME – Artist Profile: Rob Perryman

British graphic designer Rob Perryman has worked around the world for 15 years but only started creating his own artwork two years ago.

He uses it as an excuse to ‘get off the computer and let loose’…

What do you specialise in?

  1. Art

  2. Rob Perryman

A fusion of Street Art and Pop Art which I call ‘Urban Expressionism’, this is created through graffiti style stencils and free hand acrylics on canvas.

When did you start?

I have been creating my own works for the past two years.

How did you get into it?

I got into this style of art while in London, the Street/Urban Art scene there is massive and very influential, since coming to the Middle East and the UAE I realised that graffiti is frowned upon so I thought why not create it on canvas

Article source: http://www.7daysindubai.com/WALL-FAME-Artist-Profile-Rob-Perryman/story-17610185-detail/story.html

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