Watch What the World Would Look Like Without Any Teachers

Imagine a dystopian future in which reading is criminalized. Or a parallel universe in which the end of the human race hinges on the correct answer to a simple math question. Or how about a world in which the U.S. government replaces all teachers with large devices called “Brain Boxes”?

Those scenarios seem far-fetched, but what about a world in which our favorite teachers don’t exist at all?

Earlier this year, Project ED teamed up with Participant Media’s TEACH campaign on “A World Without Teachers,” a contest that challenged filmmakers of all ages to inspire the next generation to become educators. In Oscar-winning director Davis Guggenheim’s initial call for submissions, he asked filmmakers to imagine what a world without educators to spark curiosity, serve as mentors, and develop kids’ creativity and critical thinking would look like.

The competition garnered 62 video submissions that ranged from the absurd to the apocalyptic, from the humorous to the tragic. While you might expect students to rejoice at

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