Watercolors with a keen and humane eye

Stacy Scibelli employs a seamstress’s grammar in her wall sculptures at Proof Gallery. In some pieces, she deconstructs real clothing. Cut gloves open, as Scibelli does with blue dishwashing gloves in “Pair 3,” and fingers multiply and stretch, palms sprawl, in monstrous ways. For “Ma,” the artist sliced a velvety purple top. Split open, arms splayed, with the neck hole low and shaped like a space ship, “Ma” looks more like a painting than a piece of clothing, yet it retains a memory of the body.

Article source: http://www.boston.com/arts/theater-art/2013/05/07/hilda-belcher-ashcan-school-watercolors-with-keen-yet-humane-eye/K3X2qL1p7QtX4gklOOFmtN/story.html

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