Waves and Radiance: Shull’s Cascades of Color

This week, I’d like to write about the work of an artist named Alison Shull, who has an exhibit of abstract expressionist paintings at Benjamin Peters on the Commons here in Ithaca.

It occurs to me, that in the years I have been writing about art for the Ithaca Times, I have seldom written about abstract expressionism. My colleague Arthur Whitman (who I always think of as the real Ithaca Times art critic) is quite adept at writing about the genre. So this is my “You, too, can be Arthur Whitman” entry.

True, I just adored Alison Shull’s paintings. That helps.

And, more helpfully, she met me at the upstairs mezzanine gallery at Benjamin Peters (an upscale clothing store on the Commons) to look at the paintings with me and tell me what was

Article source: http://www.ithaca.com/arts_and_entertainment/waves-and-radiance-shull-s-cascades-of-color/article_29d26662-82e2-11e3-b61a-001a4bcf887a.html

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