What is Western art? Wyoming artists reflect

Wyoming’s mythical past and incredible landscapes dominate the art made here.

How could those two topics not? There is no lack of subject matter and there is a hunger from locals and visitors to consume it.

And so art shows in the state tend to be an endless sea of realistically done cowboys and buffalo, of prairie landscapes done en plein air and watercolor rivers in the woods.

But under that overwhelming current, there are a few artists across the state working on variations or are simply going their own way. Thomas Smith, the curator of Western Art at the Denver Art Museum, said that is becoming more and more common in the genre.

He said that there is a growing trend of artists who are identifying as Western, even if they aren’t doing cowboys. That’s because the

Article source: http://www.wyomingnews.com/articles/2015/03/29/entertainment/01_what-is-western-art-wyoming-artists-reflect.txt

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