When Hungry for Art, Feed the Mind – The Vineyard Gazette

Jack Yuen’s room is more of an art gallery than a bedroom. When he sits at his angled drawing table, pencil in hand, he is surrounded by his original art work, ranging from graphite portraits of Steve Jobs, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Taylor Swift to animal sketches and Egyptian figures. Jack is only 17, but already his recognition is growing. This year he won three gold keys in the statewide Scholastic art contest, the highest honor, and two silver keys at the national level. Closer to home, his friends are already talking about his future artistic career.

“They always talk about me getting famous or something,” Jack said with a laugh during an interview at his family’s Oak Bluffs home.

Recently, he has been asked to paint a mural of an astronaut for the YMCA, and for the Oak Bluffs School, where he got his start, a child playing an instrument.

Article source: http://vineyardgazette.com/news/2015/04/08/when-hungry-art-feed-mind

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