Where to start with still life

With so many inanimate objects around us, this week’s theme of still life begs the question where to start.

The best answer is start with simple ideas, objects and backgrounds, complexity can be introduced later but get the basics right.

If you’re at home put your object on a table and if you have a strong light source like an angle poise light or torch wait until you can darken your room and then try lighting your object from the side, above, behind etc. and see how the object takes on different appearances and dimensions just by how it’s lit.

Use different material to stand it on. Try a glass table, wooden table etc. and see the change in how the light bounces around.

Coloured drinking glasses or bottles can be interesting to experiment with as the light adds different effects due to its translucency.

Don’t always photograph objects perfectly horizontal or

Article source: http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/News/Blogs/Behind-the-lens/Where-to-start-with-still-life-20130507124502.htm

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