Why Realism? Part 11: A Life Mission

I never dreamed I would get to see the recreation of a system that produced so many great artists, but it’s happening right now, and the yearly ARC Salon competition, which started in 2003, has grown year after year. It is now administered by my daughter Kara Ross, ARC’s managing director, of whom I could not be more proud. 

In less than three years, it has more than doubled its number of participants, and this year we have nearly 2,200 entries. Every year, the winners are being picked up by galleries, and many of them are establishing successful careers.

Only when the best artists in the world compete nearly every year will the Salon once again take on the importance so long held by the Paris Salons. Each year, seeing each other’s work and sharing technical and aesthetic knowledge creates a cross-pollination that challenges and ensures ever-greater art competitions. 

We are actually already

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