Why Realism? Part Two: The Non-Language of Modernism

Modernist and abstract art is not a language. It’s the opposite of language for it represents the absence of language. And the absence of language means the loss of communication. It takes away from mankind perhaps our most important characteristic—that which makes us human—the ability to communicate in great depth, detail, and sophistication.

And in the case of fine arts, modernism banished the only universal language that exists—realism, with the techniques and skills required to achieve it. It is knowledge that had grown and developed and was carefully documented and preserved as it was passed down for centuries from masters to students.

If the truth be known, abstract art is not really even abstract. The process of using “abstraction” that is credited to modern art is a misappropriation of the word “abstract,” which means nearly the opposite. It is in fact language that uses a process of abstraction to create symbols that

Article source: http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/652495-why-realism-part-two-the-non-language-of-modernism/

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