Wilwayco rules ‘In Nature’s Realm’


“In Nature’s Realm: Forest Light” 2

“I believe in God. Only I spell it Nature.” That intriguing statement from the great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright precisely intersects with the sentiments of Filipino artist Edwin Wilwayco who, with his deeply felt Christian beliefs and choice of a pervasive artistic theme, celebrates with another outpouring of artworks in a show steadfastly titled “In Nature’s Realm: So Quietly the Earth.”

True to his conviction, Wilwayco considers Nature as analogous to the numinous. In his view, the wonders of nature, with its stillness and cataclysm, are but the charged expressions of presence of the Supreme Being.

Now based in Providence, Rhode Island, Wilwayco revisits the country annually, laudably coinciding with an exhibition of his recent works. In the quiet isolation of his US

Article source: http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/82695/wilwayco-rules-in-natures-realm

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