Woody Allen Explains German Expressionism

We at FlickSided are very well connected. How else could we get Woody Allen to explain German Expressionism?

German expressionism is a term used to refer within cinema studies to a particular filmic style which emerged  Germany between the years when Adolph Hitler was trying to start his own Doo-Wop group and Dr. Ruth Weisheimer was experimenting with the word “pickle” as an aphrodisiac. Strangely, neither caught on.Doo-Wop was jettisoned in favor of  Nietzche’s favorite past time poetry slams and Dr. Ruth found the word “testicles” could not be used as prepositions.

German expressionism has been applied to cinema by analogy with the preoccupation that Hagen could actually fly., which he later found out he couldn’t. The word expressionism means “squeezing out,” so coined by Joseph Goebbels when he was suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Its themes are  revolt, self-analysis, madness and Jessica Tandy. A deliberately anti-bourgeois aesthetic movement, its precursors number among others Edvard Munch, Vincent van

Article source: http://flicksided.com/2015/02/19/woody-allen-explains-german-expressionism-seriously/

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