World of Art Showcase features thousands of works from artists in every genre – Las Vegas Review

If you’re going to roll the dice, there’s no better place to try than Las Vegas.

Even if your go-for-broke bet involves an international art show.

That’s what World of Art Showcase founder David Goldstein figured when he dreamed up the three-day showcase, which continues its inaugural run today and Saturday at Wynn Las Vegas.

Showcasing more than 2,000 works by more than 70 artists, the World of Art Showcase aims to introduce attendees to the wide world of art – and the artists who create it.

From realism to surrealism, from impressionism to abstract expressionism, the World of Art Showcase provides an opportunity for patrons to “see great art all at one place, at one time,” in Goldstein’s words.

Attendees “will be overwhelmed by the sheer quality,” agrees Mario Parga , the showcase’s Las Vegas-based executive director, an artist who’s participating in the show as well as helping to run what he says

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