Young artists’ brush with realism on show in the UAE

Every picture tells a secret story. And a new collection of art by young people from across the globe – some from war-torn countries such as Syria and Iraq – shows a maturity, complexity and raw talent that holds a unique mirror to the 21st century child.

Almost every child scribbles, paints and draws a piece of art but often their creations are not taken seriously. They end up displayed for a limited audience in some corner of their schools or held by magnets on a fridge at home.

But if one is to look at these works seriously, one discovers a rare insight into what children believe and how they interpret current events in their lives.

“Children’s art is as important if not more important than adult art as they are the present and the future,” says Dr Mohamed Abouelnaga, a renowned Egyptian artist and the curator of the 3rd Sharjah International

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