Young Reporter: Saatchi: Pangaea, Paper Cuts and Socialist Realism

When pondering upon how to spend your Easter Holiday, why not consider a visit to the Saatchi Gallery, 5 minutes from Sloane Square Station. Currently, three exhibitions are open: ‘The Legacy of World War II in Russian Art’ (open till 6 April), ‘Pangaea II: New Art from Africa and Latin America’ (open till 6 September) and ‘Paper Cuts: New works by Joe Webb’ (open till 7 April).

‘The Legacy of World War II in Russian Art’ has been running since 13th March and features art collected throughout the era of communism in the, then, USSR. What is interesting is how it depicts Socialist Realism (defined as: the theory of art, literature, and music officially sanctioned by the state in some Communist countries, especially in the Soviet Union under Stalin, by which artistic work was supposed to reflect and promote the ideals of a socialist society) as not

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