Your guide to winter shows at Bay Area museums

Winter is a great time to trade the rain, cold, frost and gloomy skies for the light, color and stimulation of current exhibits in Bay Area’s museums. There’s almost always a cafe and museum shop as well.

There are big names (Jasper Johns, Rudolf Nureyev) and innovative artists to be discovered (Eric Fischl, Charles Ginnever). There is traditional oil paint on canvas as well as an expansive variety of media, from rusted-looking steel to a video of more than 700 film clips.

Here are our suggestions among current exhibits, in the order they close:

The Asian Art Museum

“Out of Character: Decoding Chinese Calligraphy”

The wizards at the Asian

Art Museum have created a dramatic presence for a remarkable variety of calligraphy collected by Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang. Art, history, culture and communication are intermixed, and background and personality explored. Some

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