About Us

The Artists’ Fine Art Gallery is exactly what its name implies. We’re an online Fine Art Gallery located in Dundee, Michigan for qualifying artists, a place where you further introduce yourself to potential collectors and can expose art lovers everywhere to your creations. Showings of our art can be seen by appointment to interested buyers.

Once we approve your participation, you can post your resume here and upload works of art that are for sale by you. There is no charge for this service however if we sell one of your works of art, we will expect a modest commission in return (25%).

But this free service isn’t where the benefits to members of Artists’ Fine Art Gallery end. That’s just the beginning of what we can do for both established and emerging artists. Our blog will regularly publish news about our members, from awards received to announcements of show openings.

Additionally, every month we will feature one of our member artists as our Feature Artist of the Month where we will highlight their works of art and share the honor with our growing list of subscribers.

Finally, while art is our passion, our professional background is in promotion and marketing. Working with our affiliate company, Maxwell Media Marketing, we can help you will every aspect of promoting yourself to the art world.

Whether it’s helping you design a winning website or performing search engine optimization on your current site to make it place higher on search engines, we have the experience to do it. We’re also highly experienced and talented journalists who can write a winning bios and press releases and articles for submission to trade magazines and news distribution services.

Visit our Member Services page to see a complete list of what we can do to help you increase your exposure and internet presence, expand your following and your collector base, and increase your sales along with the value of your work.

To apply for membership, just click here and tell us about you and your art. NOTE: We will not be accepting everyone who applies. We’re determined to populate this website only with the works of artists who have already been embraced by the community of art collectors and with emerging artists who, in our exclusive opinion, possess the potential of one day being thought of as a Modern Master.

We encourage you to apply today and, for art collectors, subscribe today to our free newsletter. Just click here and we’ll keep you informed of happenings in the art world and once in a while, we’ll introduce you to a new up and comer for you to consider adding to your collection. Just click here to subscribe.

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