Artists’ Fine Art Gallery was designed to serve the best of the emerging fine art artists and the community of art collectors who follow the world of fine art and who want to be an important part of discovering emerging artists before they reach national acclaim and have their coming out party at an exclusive one-artist show at one of the top art galleries in New York or Los Angeles.

In addition to the satisfaction of having “discovered” the artist, you also will benefit from acquiring their art before popularity and demand starts adding zero’s to the price tag.

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Additionally, if you have any fine art you want to sell, we invite you to list your qualifying art here.  Of course, we’re determined to limit the art displayed on Artists’ Fine Art Gallery to that of established and well followed artists in order to assure you, the collector, will be assured of displaying your art among comparable pieces of equal quality.

For a limited time, you can list your art for sale here for free.  If it sells, we will collect a 15% commission.  Just use the Contact page and send us a note with the name of the artist and a link to a picture of the art you wish to sell.  Once approved, we’ll list it for you on our site.

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